“Then the emeralds won’t be found,” concluded Dick. “Captain Parks has been ashore, and away, hours at a time, here and in Maine.”Somos tu empresa de servicios integrales especializada en:  limpieza convencional, limpieza industrial, limpieza de centros deportivos, control de plagas e higiene ambiental, control de accesos y conserjera. 

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“Whoever got it can’t be far off,” interrupted Dick. “No one but Miss Serena and Captain Parks—and we three—knew about the hiding place until the last part of the meeting.”Con un personal altamente cualificado, nuestro equipo de profesionales es primordial para acreditar la calidad de nuestros servicios.

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“I weighed the situation,” went on the detective. “A robber would be enough of a gem expert to know the stones were imitations and would have taken the others. But—some Hindu fanatic, in India, where the emeralds came from originally, might have a fixed idea that they must be destroyed. He might not know imitations from real ones.”Envanos tu currculo y nete a CASTLE.